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Reconstruction of coffee and chicory factories

Ingehim carries out reconstruction of existing coffee and chicory factories to increase the quantity and quality of the obtained soluble powdered products. The production of powdered instant coffee, chicory, barley, tea, rose hips, etc. is based on obtaining water extracts from plant raw materials, followed by purification, concentration and drying of the product. The quantity and quality of the resulting extract and the finished instant drink directly depend on the extraction process efficiency.

Reconstruction of these production facilities involves their intensification through the implementation of a continuous pulsating extractor, simplification of the extraction technology and reduction of process streams for subsequent operations (filtration, thickening, concentration, evaporation, drying, etc.).

The increased efficiency of our equipment used in the reconstruction is ensured by the maximum degree of extraction due to countercurrent and non-stationary conditions of the extraction (diffusion) and heat exchange processes, an increase in concentration of the obtained extract, a reduction in time and extractant consumption by the process of extracting the target components, the maximum use of the working volume of apparatus, a decrease in oxidative and bacteriological processes and other benefits.

The reconstruction will significantly reduce capital, energy and operating costs, production floor space and labor inputs, and generally ensure high energy efficiency and profitability of production.

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