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Static mixers

Ingehim offers our own in-house static mixers designed for mixing a wide range of mutually soluble liquids, suspensions and emulsions. Application areas of our static mixers include petrochemistry, oil and gas refining, oil and gas production, pharmaceutical industry, power engineering, and housing and communal sector (adding coagulants and flocculants into liquid wastes). The static mixers make the best use of a pressure drop consumed on averaging concentrations of phases within the static mixer internal volumes.

Type, design and material of mixing elements depend on process conditions and are picked by our specialists through calculations for every designed static mixer.

Operational pressure – up to 10.5 MPa, nominal pipe sizes – from 50 to 1200 mm.

Shown below are basic designs of static mixers developed at Ingehim.

Статический смеситель с одним входом

Static mixer SMS-1

Статический смеситель с двумя входами

Static mixer SMS-2

Static mixers are tested at our own in-house certified hydraulic test stand. We use our own laboratory of non-destructive testing for tesing all components of the developed static mixers.

Today, static mixers developed at Ingehim are used at numerous petrochemical plants in Russia (see reference-list).

A declaration of conformity with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union was granted to the Ingehim  static mixers.

To order our static mixers, please, provide us with all requirement specifications for the desired static mixers through e-mail.