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Designing of equipment

EPC “Ingehim” (EPC “Inzhekhim”, as in some older unofficial documents and affiliations in scientific publications of our employees) offers service in reconstruction of existing equipment and designing of new equipment, e.g. static mixers, filters, tray-type and packed-type apparatuses, sediment tanks, three-phase separators, gas separators and other types of separation equipment.

Статический смеситель с одним входом

Static mixer

We manufacture some types of equipment such as static mixers at our manufacturing facility using projects developed by our specialists. Shells for larger size apparatuses are manufactured by our partners. Field supervision of works is carried out by certified specialists of EPC “Ingehim”. Acceptance of apparatuses is carried out by our specialists on the territory of manufacturer of apparatus shells.

EPC “Ingehim” also provides services on delivery of equipment to the Customer’s site, supervised installation of equipment and driving up equipment to the rated capacity.

We will calculate our service fees on designing of equipment after receiving all requirement specifications through e-mail.