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Inzhekhim Kazan

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Engineering-Promotional Center “Ingehim” (or “Inzhekhim”, as is used sometimes in scientific publications) is a modern innovative multifield company, which celebrated its 33d annivesary in 2024.

The center employs more than 70 scientists and engineers, 5 of whom hold Doctor of Sciences (D.Sc.) degrees and 20 Candidate of Sciences (Ph.D.) degrees. Our employees published over 500 scientific papers including 28 monographs, and patented most of generated engineering ideas (in the Russian Federation).

We work with many organizations in the Russian Federation and abroad.

Geography of activityIngehim is involved in the following main areas of activity:

  • creation of new plants and equipment
  • reconstruction of existing plants, units and equipment
  • creation of units for student training, experimental and pilot units
  • performing numerical modeling
  • performing R&D works
  • performing energy audits
  • performing computational works
  • performing designing works
  • and much more.

All works on reconstruction of existing units and plants, creation of new units, plants and equipment are completed on “turn-key basis”. In this case, performed works comprise calculating, designing, manufacturing and completing main and auxiliary technological equipment and piping with necessary components, designing and completing equipment with process control instruments, automation equipment, shutoff and control valves; in addition, performed works also include installation, start-up and commissioning.

From the time of establishment of Ingehim, our organization reconstructed, through installing Ingehim’s highly-efficient in-house internals, more than 400 apparatus of chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas refining, oil and gas producing enterprizes in Russia and the CIS countries.

All of our products are manufactured at our own manufacturing site. We deliver products to the Customer in the shortest possible time. Quality management system, meeting the ISO 9001:2015 standard, is implemented at Ingehim. Besides, declarations of conformity with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union were granted to all of our products.

We invite all interested organizations to mutually beneficial cooperation.


Company news

Pilot unit for extractive distillation

Ingehim designed and manufactured a pilot unit for continuous extractive distillation (feed capacity is up to 2 kg/h). The unit allows to work out the separation technology, to select the optimal process parameters and the composition of the extractant for the required separation task. Based on the results of the experiment, absolute isopropyl alcohol with a concentration of 99.95 wt% was obtained. The unit also allows obtaining initial data for designing industrial plants, which the Ingehim is ready to design and manufacture on a turnkey basis.


Mastering of production of equipment for removal of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans from oil under the field conditions

Ingehim has mastered the production of equipment for removal of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans from oil under the field conditions while preparing the oil for transportation using the JS “VNIIUS” technology. The supplied equipment is successfully operated at the Studentsovskoye oil field in the Samara region of Russia.


Block-modular unit for vacuum distillation of gas oil

A block-modular unit for vacuum distillation of gas oil, intended for separation of vacuum gas oil into a heavy fraction and a light fraction, has been designed and manufactured on a turnkey basis. Feed capacity of the unit is 65000 tons per year.