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Energy audit

Energy audit

Energy audit

Works objectives

  • Evaluation of the object’s actual status
  • Search for reasons of losses of fuel and energy resources (if any) and evaluation of their actual magnitude
  • Preparation of lists of actions on reduction of losses of fuel and energy resources


Energy Performance Certificate (regulated normative document containing actual and recommended values of energy efficiency and a list of actions on saving energy and increasing energy efficiency).

S.R.O. permit of energy auditors

S.R.O. certificate for energy audit

Grounds for carrying out energy audits

  • Federal law of the Russian Federation No. 261-FZ dated November 23, 2009, “On Saving Energy and Increasing Energy Efficiency and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation”
  • Certificate of registration of Ingehim granting permission for energy surveying works (issued by a Russian Nonprofit Partnership called: Self-Regulatory Organization in the field of energy survey “RusEnergoAudit”, No. 0023-2011-1655010900-E-064, dated March 30, 2011)
  • Experts certified at Russia’s Interindustry Regional Center for Professional Advancement and Retraining for carrying out energy surveying works aimed at energy efficiency increasing and energy saving
  • Reference-list


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