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Product catalogues

Use the links below to open or to download PDF files with catalogues of some of our products most frequently requested from us:

  • Catalogue of internals of column equipment (Products: vapor-liquid distributor, bed limiter, support grid, block structured packing, segmentary structured packing, random packing, liquid distributor, liquid redistributor, mesh-type mist eliminator, chevron-type mist eliminator, coalescing filter, bubble tray, tray with fixed valves, perforated tray, low-profile bubble tray, tray with centrifugal vortical elements, etc).
  • Catalogue of internals of separation equipment (Products: vapor-liquid distributor, mesh-type mist eliminator, chevron-type mist eliminator, vortex direct-flow cyclone, coalescing filter, flow leveler, plate-type packing, etc).