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Strength calculations

Ingehim offers service in strength calculations of vessels, apparatuses and their components. To provide this service, we use modern license software packages (PVP-Design, APM WinMachine). Our specialists gained vast hands-on experience through working at branch research and design institutes for extensive periods of time in the past. We can also carry out checking calculations of strength of equipment for chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, oil, gas and other industries (see reference-list).

PVP-Design is an application sofware designed to carry out calculations of strength of pressure vessels, pressure apparatuses, including attendant piping, and/or any components of pressure vessels and pressure apparatuses for evaluating structure’s load-bearing capacity during normal operation, test operation and installation. We have used the software since 2007 for designing, reconstruction and diagnosis of vessels and apparatuses and  closely cooperated with the sofware developers for improving quality of PVP-Design.

APM WinMachine is a CAD/CAE software intended for calculation and design of machine elements, mechanisms and structures. The software is designed for stress-strain analysis of framed, plated, shell and solid-state structures and/or any arbitrary combinations of the above types of structures for which standardized design procedures do not exist.

Stress-strain analysis of a support arm loaded statically upright using the APM WinMachine software package

Stress-strain analysis of a support arm loaded statically upright using the APM WinMachine software package

The APM WinMachine software package combined with a professional approach to analysis of load conditions of pieces of equipment allows for solving wide-range applied problems:

  • to design mechanical equipment and components of mechanical equipment through using
    engineering approaches;
  • to perform stress-strain analysis (finite-element analysis) of 3-D objects of any complexity at any restrains under static or dynamic loads;
  • to use built-in databases for standard items and standard materials and also to create in-house databases for specific purposes.

Numerical analysis of pieces of equipment loaded with static, dynamic, uniform and other types of loads allows solving  the following tasks:

  • to determine fields of equivalent stresses and equivalent stress components;
  • to calculate linear, angular and resultant displacements;
  • to determine internal forces;
  • to calculate stability and modes of buckling;
  • to determine natural-vibration frequency and natural modes;
  • to calculate forced vibrations, to animate oscillation process for a stated forcing load, and to calculate base’s vibrations;
  • to calculate fields of temperature and thermotensions;
  • to calculate fatique strength;
  • to perform geometrical nonlinear analysis;
  • to perform automatic analysis of sections from conditions of strength, rigidity, stability of metal constructions in mechanical engineering;
  • to design pieces of metal constructions;
  • to perform automatic generation of nomenclature of construction elements.

These state-of-the-art software packages allow to search for the best engineering solutions when designing non-standard equipment for our customers both in Russia and the CIS countries. We can also carry out strength calculations for the non-CIS countries using both these software packages and packages well-known in the world such as Ansys.

We will calculate our service fees after receiving all requirement specifications through e-mail.