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Evaluation of yet-to-be-built units and plants

In addition to inspections of existing technological units and plants, Ingehim also performs evaluations of yet-to-be-built technological units and plants at the designing stage of development which comprise process calculations. The works are carried out in cooperation with design organizations and customers. The works will result in optimizations of your projects, reduced expenses for inspections of your future plants and, eventually, they will lead to reduced costs of your products.

All works are carried out by our highly skilled engineers with vast hands-on experience. Many of our engineers hold Ph.D. or D.Sc. degrees.

Calculations of our specialits have a very high credibility as state-of-the-art license software packages are used. We pay much attention to such things as credibility and accuracy of performed calculations and tend to constantly validate the used packages by comparing calculation results versus real data gathered from working equipment.

When the works are completed, the Customer receives a technical report holding results of our calculations of equipment, mass and thermal balances for the technological units and plants and recommendations on what changes for the designed equipment are needed.

We will calculate our service fees after receiving from you through e-mail all requirement specifications.