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Block modules

EPC “Ingehim” (EPC “Inzhekhim”, as in some older unofficial documents and affiliations in scientific publications of our employees) designs, manufactures and delivers new block modules as well as performs reconstruction of existing ones.

We deliver block modules equipped with operating platforms, piping, fittings, process control instruments, automatics, shutoff and control valves. Our center’s specialists are also able to supervise installations of block modules, i.e. we are ready to offer our “turnkey solutions” for block modules to the Customer.

Apparatuses inside block modules are equipped with our in-house patented, highly-effective internals. Of all block modules developed by our center up to the present moment, the following ones are of special interest:

Assembly of filter-separator FS-1

Separator assembly S-1 with slug catcher PU-1

Separator assembly S-1 with slug catcher PU-1 is designed to remove dropping liquid and mechanical admixtures from gases.

To order our block modules, please, provide us with all requirement specifications through e-mail.