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Process and hydraulic calculations

Process calculations

Ingehim offers service in calculations of processes in apparatuses and plants. Purposes of the works are optimization of technological equipment and determining possibilities of obtaining chemical products of desired quality and quantity. To provide this service, we use modern license software packages (ChemCAD, PetroSIM Express) along with our own in-house codes. Our specialists have vast hands-on experience gained in the past at branch research and design institutes for extensively long periods of time. They hold college degrees in chemical engineering.

Пример технологической схемы разделения формальдегид-метанол-водной смеси в ректификационной установке

Example of calculation of fractionation of formaldehyde-methanol-water mixture in a distillation tower

High qualification of our engineers combined with the state-of-the-art software packages (ChemCAD, PetroSIM Express) and modern computers allow us to bring right to your door our high quality service in process calculations. High reliability and accuracy of our calculations has been iteratively noticed by our partners through comparing results of our calculations versus field data for working equipment.

We possess an extensive experience in calculations of processes occuring in many kinds of technological equipment (see reference-list), especially:

  • Separators: gas-liquid, liquid-liquid, gas-liquid-liquid
  • Packed and tray columns
  • Heat transfer and heating equipment: shell-and-tube heat exchangers, air-cooled heat exchangers, thermosiphon boilers, evaporators
  • Heat and mass transfer apparatuses with chemical reactions
  • Extraction columns
  • Columns for sour gas stripping with the aid of absorbents (MEA, DEA, MDEA, etc)
  • “Complex” columns containing circulating refluxes and stripping-sections, e.g. columns for producing gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, atmospheric gasoil, and black oil
  • Chemical reactors

We will calculate our service fees on process calculations after receiving from you through e-mail a documentation package comprising of:

  • schematic of process flow chart for the unit
  • description of process flow chart including flow rates and chemical compositions
  • material and thermal balances
  • required quality of fractionation
  • ranges for loads and chemical compositions
  • mode lists and analysis lists for the identical periods of time

Hydraulic calculations

Ingehim also offers service in performing hydraulic calculations of technological equipment. The purpose of the works is determining the most appropriate types of contact devices at designing new equipment or modernizing already existing equipment.

We will calculate our service fees on performing hydraulic calculations after receiving from you through e-mail a documentation package comprising of:

  • physical and chemical properties as well as flow rate of working media: liquid and gas
  • ranges for gas and liquid loads
  • preferred types of internals
  • dimensions of apparatus