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Study of plant raw materials

Ingehim offers services in studying various plant materials and wastes generated from them.

The specifics of plant raw materials is that they require large-scale processing. Therefore, equipment of large unit capacity and/or a large number of apparatus are conventionally used. This results in low energy efficiency of production and high operating costs.

For processing plant raw materials and wastes generated from them, the most appropriate method is complex processing with production of several marketable products (protein, inulin, pectin, fiber, dye, etc.) that are in demand on the market. The processing of plant raw materials allows obtaining a product of a higher market value, and the processing of their wastes provides additional income from new commercial products obtained both by extracting specified target components and by creating feed additives or fertilizers from biomass to be disposed of.

Research directions:

1. Determination of composition of raw materials for the presence of extractable target components.
2. Evaluation of technical feasibility of obtaining new or additional commercial products by extracting the specified target components in the laboratory as well as at a pilot plant.
3. Assessment of the conditions of industrial implementation in the production of new commercial products.
4. Conducting a technology audit and optimizing the processing technology of already operating enterprises in order to reduce the cost of a commercial product through the use of modern, energy-efficient solutions (extraction, separation, filtration, etc.) both of our own making and of other manufacturers.
5. Assessment of the expected economic efficiency in the modernization and optimization of existing units.
6. Feasibility study for a new production line, taking into account the implementation of new technological and technical solutions.

Upon agreement with the Customer, samples of liquid extracts and final commercial products can be obtained using a pilot pulsating unit (PPU) in a given temperature range using real media.


Technical characteristics of PPU:

  • Feed capacity is up to 5 kg/h.
  • Material of construction: stainless steel to eliminate the negative impact of the interaction of raw materials and extractant with the metal.
  • Extraction is carried out in a continuous mode of supply and removal of both the raw material and the extractant. This ensures the exclusion of the development of oxidative and bacteriological processes during the extraction.
  • Extraction is carried out in a non-stationary, countercurrent mode of interaction between raw materials and extractant. This provides the maximum possible concentration gradient at the phase boundary, a significant reduction in the consumption of the extractant, an increase in the concentration of the resulting extract, and an intensification of the extraction process..

If necessary, the test results can be confirmed by an accredited laboratory.

To conduct the study, it is necessary to reach an agreement with the Customer on the technological conditions of processing, initial data on raw materials and extractant, requirements for the obtained extract and the final commercial product, etc. Based on these data, the cost of our service of the study of raw materials in a given scope and within the established deadlines are estimated.