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Sediment tanks

Ingehim performs installations of our own in-house thin-layer sediment tanks (Russian patent: No. 2284844) into existing apparatuses of chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas refining, oil and gas producing plants as well as of food industry. Application areas include removal of water from oil, separation of  oil and solid suspended particles from waste water, dehydration of hydrocarbons, destruction of water-hydrocarbon emulsions, etc. We can also deliver to the Customer apparatus shells equipped with internals, process control instruments, automatics, shutoff and control valves, i.e. we offer also deliveries to the Customer  of our “turnkey” solutions.

Thin-layer sediment tank developed and manufactured at Ingehim

Thin-layer sediment tank is a cylindrical apparatus with separation blocks installed inside. Separation blocks are manufactured in the form of thin metal plates fixed in a special frame of stainless steel. The geometry of the plates and special organized orientation increases efficiency and productivity of the reconstructed sediment tanks.

The following effect contributes to the increase in efficiency. The original crisscross orientation of separation plates effectively partitions the sediment tank’s volume from interfering with the formation of circulating currents. The small distance between plates of which the minimum gap is 7.5 to 60 mm, height of immersion or sedimentation of droplets and particles are drastically reduced for disperse particles 20 microns or less.

The following effects contribute to the increase in productivity. Inclined plates with respect to the horizon and flexible design of separation blocks prevent clogging of interlamellar space from forming.

Technical characteristics of the separation blocks:

  • Separation factor – over 98%
  • Design – in line with Customer’s requirement specifications
  • Lifetime without maintenance – not less than 5 years
  • Block’s dimensions – 400x400x250 mm (fabricated to pass through a 500 mm manway)
  • Hydraulic resistance – less than 10 Pa/m

For installing separation blocks into existing vessels, Ingehim designs and manufactures special support structures and flow distributors. Results of computer simulation and physical modeling of sediment tanks facilitate designing of flow distributors.

Today, thin-layer sediment tanks developed at Ingehim are used at numerous chemical and petrochemical plants, as well as in Russia’s gas industry (see reference-list). Thin-layer sediment tanks can be successfully used for conditioning of water and removal of oil emulsions and mechanical admixtures from wastewater for the purpose of preservation of ecology and natural resources.

To order sediment tanks, please, provide us with all requirement specifications through e-mail.