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R & D

Ingehim offers service in R&D (Research & Development) to chemical, petrochemical and oil and gas refining plants which are interested in studies of heat transfer, distillation, absorption, chemisorption, desorption, extraction, separation as well as combinations of the above processes (see reference-list).

R & D works are carried out by highly-skilled specialists who gained vast hands-on experience when working at branch research and design institutes for extensive periods of time in the past, and also hold scientific degrees (Ph.D. or D.Sc.) in chemical engineering.

The following are examples of works performed by our center in the area of R&D:

  • Development of more than ten different designs of highly-efficient contact devices for heat and mass transfer processes occuring in columns required for equipment modernization projects
  • Studies of characteristics of contact devices at experimental units in the real environments
  • Development and implementation into industry of new highly-efficient contact devices based on data acquired through experimental studies. Contact devices developed by Ingehim are installed, nowadays, in hundreds of mass transfer apparatuses, separators, and, in particular, gas separators (see reference-list).
  • Mathematical modeling of processes of removal of disperse phase from gases and liquids (coagulation, sedimentation, etc) and calculations of mixture separations
  • Development of mathematical models for emulsion separation in sediment tanks
  • Numerical modeling of fluid flows through thin-layer sediment tanks and comparisons with experiments
  • Physical and mathematical modeling of work of sediment tanks
  • Development of new engineering approaches for calculation of thin-layer sediment tanks
  • Development of new methods for calculation of separation rate of aerosols in packed apparatuses
  • Development of new technical solutions for the problem of removal of disperse phase from gases and liquids in technological apparatuses
  • Development, manufacturing and implementation into industry of apparatuses destined for separation and cleaning of different substances and admixtures (thin-layer sediment tanks, gas separators, etc)
  • Modernization of units destined for complex natural gas conditioning
  • Over 400 reconstructions and modernizations of apparatuses at petrochemical plants. Achievement examples include decrease in energy (heating steam) consumption for running distillation by 40%, decrease in energy consumption for the ethanolamine production by 50%. Herewith, chemical product quality increased significantly and reached world class standards.

Major results of our center in the area of R & D works were published in journal articles and monographs. R & D results helped to develop apparatuses equipped with highly-efficient in-house contact devices which do not lag behind contact devices developed and manufactured abroad. The reconstructions and modernizations resulted in increase of both chemical product quality and equipment capacity, and they also led to decrease of specific energy consumption.

We will calculate our service fees on R & D after receiving all requirement specifications through e-mail.