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Research activity

Ingehim was established in 1991 by a group of professors and scientists of Kazan Chemical Engineering Institute (renamed into Kazan National Research Technological University) for the purpose of acceleration of implementations into industry of novel scientific research results and engineering solutions. From the time of its establishment, the center has been governed by director, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Mansur I. Farakhov.

Ingehim has preserved and continued to develop further the best traditions of the domestic school of thought. All scientific research results of specialists of our center have a rigorous scientific foundation which make significant contributions to the world-wide science. The center comprises more than 70 scientists and engineers, 5 of whom hold D.Sc. degrees and 20 Ph.D. degrees. Some of our specialists received education and research work experience abroad (US universities: Rutgers University, University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Princeton University, Michigan State University, Arizona State University).

Our center’s employees have opportunities to defend Ph.D. or D.Sc. dissertations as well as to supervise dissertations outside of Ingehim. Since establishment of our center, about 10 people received their Ph.D. or D.Sc. degrees under supervision of our specialists. Our employees teach at universities where they impart their vast and invaluable theoretical and practical experience to students.

Our employees regularly take part in scientific and technical conferences, publish papers in scientific journals and monographs. More than 500 scientific works have been published by our specialists in the recent years alone, including 28 monographs. Most of our engineering ideas were patented in the Russian Federation.

Research activity of our center goes in close collaboration with several research centers and universities including:

For developing process designs and engineering solutions, we lean heavily on our own in-house physical and mathematical models. Our employees have developed physical and mathematical models for all kinds of chemical engineering processes and apparatuses. Trustworthiness of our models has been established through comparing computational results obtained with the aid of the models vs experimental data. The developed models have provided the basis for our own in-house codes for process designing and performing other types of computations. The developed codes have been extensively used by our specialists and constituted a good supplement to standard license software packages (FLUENT, ChemCAD, Petro-SIM Express, APM Win Machine, PVP Design).

Aside from theoretical studies, we also perform experimental studies in our own research laboratory. We publish data obtained from the studies in the open press and use them also for testing our own in-house physical and mathematical models. Ingehim pays special attention to theoretical and numerical modeling of cleaning and deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials at the enterprises of the fuel and energy complex (results of the RSF project 18-79-10136-P).