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Preparation of technical proposals on energy usage optimization

When works on energy audit are completed, determined will be the actual amount of irrational consumption of fuel and energy resources and corresponding financial losses. We fulfill the following program on energy efficiency increasing which includes preparation and realization of the following offers:

  • offers on improving process flow charts for the purpose of minimization of energy expenses, offers on increasing output of target products or reducing quantities of consumed raw materials, offers on expanding ranges of dynamic loadings with raw materials
  • offers on equipping and re-equipping of plants with apparatuses and internals designed and manufactured by Ingehim
  • offer on determining feasibility of all the offers on optimization of process flow charts, on equipping and re-equipping of apparatuses
  • offers on elimination of thermal losses revealed during thermal imaging of pipelines and apparatuses, offers on determining their feasibility
  • offers on selection of equipment required to fulfill the above offers, offers on determining their estimated costs, costs for delivery and installation
  • offer on determining potential annual saving