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Gas separators

Ingehim performs installations of our own in-house internals into existing gas separators. We can also deliver to the Customer gas separator shells equipped with internals, process control instruments, automatics, shutoff and control valves, i.e. we offer also deliveries to the Customer of our “turnkey” solutions.

Gas separator with internals

Gas separator with internals

As for internals, we use our in-house patented highly-effective internals for gas separators manufactured at our own manufacturing site. All of our internals passed industrial safety and certification. Declarations of conformity with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union were granted to all Ingehim’s internals.

Types of internals and quantities are normally determined by our specialists after carrying out process calculations. Calculating and designing of apparatuses themselves are also performed by specialists of Ingehim.

All works are carried out by our highly skilled engineers with vast hands-on experience in this field. Many of our engineers hold Ph.D. or D.Sc. degrees.

Calculations of our specialists have a very high credibility as state-of-the-art license software packages are used. We pay much attention to such things as credibility and accuracy of performed calculations and tend to constantly validate the used packages by comparing calculation results versus real data gathered from working equipment.

Today, gas separators developed at Ingehim are used at numerous gas producing and gas refining plants in Russia (see reference-list).

To order gas separators, please, provide us with all requirement specifications for the desired gas separators through e-mail.