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Reconstruction of existing industrial units and plants

One of the main areas of activity of Ingehim is reconstruction of existing industrial distillation, absorption and extraction units related to optimizations of operating regimes, changing the existing process flow diagrams and instrumentation, replacing the out-dated internals with highly-efficient Ingehim internals.

Before the reconstruction works begin, our experts conduct all the required technology audits.

The technology audits are aimed to provide the following determinations:

  • expandability of existing plants
  • adaptability of existing plants to changes in feed compositions and product requirements
  • usability of existing technological equipment for required extensions of product assortments
  • usability of existing technological equipment for plants with expanded capacity
  • reserves for saving energy and resources at existing plants.

During the technology auditing, calculations of technological processes are carried out; the calculations serve as baseline information for the plant reconstruction projects.

Ingehim has participated, up to date, in more than 400 reconstructions at chemical, petrochemical and oil & gas refining plants (see reference-list).

We will calculate our service fees on plant reconstruction after receiving all requirement specifications through e-mail.