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Ingehim offers our own in-house macerators, which represent batch reactors intended to conduct the process of extraction of solid phase raw materials of various origins based on infusion by using liquid extractants. Water, ethanol, propylene glycol, acetone, alkali, acid and other active agents as well as their aqueous solutions can be used as a liquid extractant (solvent). Solid phase matter of various origins in the “fresh” or dried state can be used as solid phase raw materials. For extractions of raw materials of plant origin, various parts of the plant can be used such as roots, stems, leaves, buds, inflorescences, grains, fruits, seeds, etc. Raw materials loaded into the macerator are most often subject to preliminary grinding to ensure the maximum possible single load and shorten the extraction time.

Batch macerator with stirrer and recirculation of the liquid extractant

The macerator can be manufactured in volumes from 0.1 to 2.5 m3. For the correct selection of the macerator, its volume is calculated from the performance of a single load of raw materials, while maintaining the required technological ratio between the solid and liquid phases. To maintain the driving force for the transfer of soluble target substances in the main extraction processes in the macerator, the ratio of “solid raw material”: “liquid extractant” can be in the range from 1:10 to 1:20. To intensify the extraction process, the macerator can be additionally equipped with a mixer or a system of recirculation of the liquid extractant (see figure above) as well as an automation system, internal net basket, false bottom, body heating system, heat insulation and other elements.

Macerators are most suitable for processing small amounts of raw materials, when it is necessary to conduct the extraction process using various raw materials and liquid extractants.

To order macerators, please, provide us with the requirement specifications through e-mail.